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Process Approach

Once the order has been received from the customers, Santec follows a streamlined method for the processing. Entry of the order is done in a systematic manner to identify every detail. Customers credit is thoroughly checked. If the company is satisfied with the credentials, the order is approved and sent to the logistic department. The department matches order specifications of the customer with the inventory. In case of the availability of inventory, the shipment schedule is planned and a date of delivery is confirmed upon, as per discussion with clients. The delivery notification containing all shipping related documents is prepared with details of in-transit warehouse point to process the shipment. Finally, the order is shipped, bill is prepared and sent to the client via. mail.

In case the ordered products are not in the inventory, they are planned for production. Wherein, the process starts with checking the availability of raw material. Condition when there is availability of required raw material, the production is scheduled. Whereas in the absence of required raw material, it is procured from the vendor. Once the vendor delivers the raw material, stringent inspections are conducted to asses the required quality and the approved material is forwarded to the production department. In case material received from the vendor is does not meet the outlined specifications, it is reverted back for replacement.

Once the production unit receives the required raw material, product design and other inputs, it proceeds with the production schedule. The products are manufactured as per GMP standards and final product is subjected to stringent quality check, prior to shipping. In case of any defect in final product, the production is re-scheduled for the same.

The final products are packed and shipped as per pre-defined details. The entire documentation process involving bill details, freight charges, permits / customs etc., are compiled and mailed to the client.

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