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Advantages of Santec Hydraulic Press

More Control Flexibility

Hydraulic press power is easy to control. Various factors can be adjusted to fit a particular job such as ram force, direction, speed, release of force, duration of pressure dwell, etc. Jobs with light dies can be done with the pressure turned down. Timers, feeders, heaters, coolers and a variety of auxiliary functions can be brought into the sequence to suit the job. The ram can be made to approach the work rapidly, then shifted to a slower speed before contacting the work.

Greater Versatility

Within its tonnage range, a single hydraulic press can perform a wide variety of jobs such as deep draws, forming, shell reductions, urethane bulging, blank and pierce, press fits, stake, punch, straightening, metal forming, abrasive wheel forming, bonding, broaching, ball sizing, plastic/rubber compression and transfer molding.

Noiseless Operations

Fewer moving parts with flywheel reduce the overall noise level in hydraulic presses as compared to mechanical presses. Properly sized pumping units meet or exceed current international standards for noise.

More Compactness

A typical 20-ton hydraulic press is 8 x 6 x 2 feet. A 200-ton press is only 10 x 9 x 3 feet. At ten times the capacity, the 200-ton press only takes up 50 percent more floor space.

Lower Tool Costs

Tools can be sized to withstand the load of a particular job and not a particular press. Additionally, the pressure of the press can be set down to suit the job. Moreover, the lack of impact, shock and vibration promotes longer tool life.


Hydraulic presses are designed to be safe, if the controls are used properly. Improperly used, all machines are potentially dangerous. However, effective control of the ram movements makes hydraulic presses safer. Hydraulic press control system has interlocking of guards as well as other safety devices.


Whereas most mechanical presses are offered in standardized bed size and tonnage relationships, it is easy to design the hydraulic press to meet the customers' specific requirements.

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