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Obliteration - A process producing an obstructed flow path choked off by obliterants (polar materials such as water, long chain polymers and silica) that are attracted to the walls of the flow passage.

Omega Rating - A standard method of expressing the tolerance or sensitivity of a hydraulic component to contaminants in the hydraulic fluid. The OMEGA value corresponds to the Beta-Ten value of the filtration system needed to protect the pump for 1000 hours of service at rated conditions.

Open Loop Circuit - A hydraulic circuit in which there is no automatic feedback to the control input signal.

Operating Conditions - Operating conditions such as temperature and pressure numerical values relating to any given specific application of a unit. These may change during the course of operations.

Optimal Control System - A system where the control process is manipulated according to a "performance index" defined by the user.

Ordinary Differential Equation - A differential equation which expresses the response of a system with respect to a single independent variable.

O-Ring - A type of seal consisting of an elastomer in the shape of a toroid or donut. It is normally mounted in a groove in a manner that the effectiveness of sealing increases with pressure.

Overshoot - The exceeding or surpassing of a target value as operating conditions change.

Oxidation Stability - Ability of substance to withstand chemical reaction with oxygen/air and subsequent degradation. A factor of prime importance in high temperature operation.


Platen - A plate-sometimes heated-attached to a moving or stationary press member.

Pressure Reversal Switch - An adjustable switch to set the pressure at which ram reverses.

Post Press - This basic hydraulic press design utilizes four corner posts to support and guide the press platens and bolster assembly during the forming process.

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