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Effective Length of Rod - The distance between the load application point and the cylinder resistance point.

Efficiency, Hydraulic - This efficiency is defined as the actual head produced by a centrifugal pump to its ideal head.

Elastance Loads - A load analogous to that produced by a spring — when stretched, it tries to contract, and vice versa as given by Hooke’s law.

Elastomer - An elastic, rubber-like material (such as rubber or plastic) having elastic properties. At room temperature, it can be stretched to twice its original length and will snap back to its original length upon release. Used for seals, hoses and special enclosures.

Electro-hydraulic - A component which converts an electric signal into a hydraulic signal.

EnBloc Manifold - It is a manifold machined from a solid block of metal and often contains a large number of control elements interconnected by drilled passages.

Equation of State - A mathematical expression defining the physical state of a substance (gas, liquid, or solid) by relating volume to pressure and to absolute temperature for a given mass of the substance.

Equivalent Length - An expression for pressure loss of fittings and conduit interruptions in terms of equivalent length of a straight conduit of specified diameter.


Frame - The main structure of the press containing the cylinder(s) and the working surfaces.

Flange Connection - A block of metal in which tubing or a conduit is terminated and bolted to the equipment or to a companion flange to form a union connection.

Flash Point - The temperature at which a liquid gives off sufficient flammable vapors to ignite when approached by a small flame under carefully specified conditions.

Flooded Suction - Refers to a pump suction port which is pressurized by a natural gravitational or elevated head of fluid (reservoir oil level is above the pump inlet port) or flooded by a charging or booster pump.

FMECA - "Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis" is a procedure designed to document all conceivable potential failures of a system or component, the effect of each failure on system operation, and identify those that are critical to operational success and personnel safety.

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