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Swaging Machines or Tube End Forming Machine - How it works

Santec's tube end forming machines are available principally in two designs - Push type & Rotary cum push type . In push type systems, there is no rotary movement of the die. The job is pushed into the die with the help of a hydraulic cylinder mounted at the end of punch slide. On the other hand, in rotary cum push type, the carbide die is clamped into a die head. It continuously gives rise a rotary movement with the help of a DC motors and the punch slide forced the component into the die with the help of hydraulic cylinder provided at the other end of the machine. Tube end forming machines or swagging machines purely operate on cold process. Hence, they consume less power, making them highly suitable for industries for mass production of swaged parts/components.

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Swaging machine works by using two as well as four split dies, which separate and close up to several times a minute. This action is achieved by mounting the dies into the machine's spindle, which is rotated by a motor. The spindle is mounted inside a cage containing rollers. The rollers are larger than the cage. The spindle spins the dies are pushed out to ride on the cage, as the dies cross over the rollers. It pushes the dies together because of their larger size.

Rotary swaging process is usually a cold working process, used to reduce the diameter, produce a taper, or add point to a round workpiece. It can also impart internal shapes in hollow workpieces through the use of a mandrel. A variation of the rotary swager is the creeping spindle swaging machine where both the spindle and cage revolve in opposite directions, this prevents the production of fins between the dies where the material being swaged grows up the gap between the dies.

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