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Scrap Baling Presses / Scrap Balers - Control Features & Packages

Hydraulic scrap balers presses are constructed in accordance with international quality standards. Chamber door and latch have been designed to withstand the maximum ram forces on the material being baled. There is a lockable power disconnect and an effective lockout procedure. A clear line of sight from the baler to the disconnect avoids unexpected start-ups. Lockout is required for cleaning, jam clearing, and maintenance and hence lockout procedures meet international requirements.

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The ram will not function unless the bale chamber door is closed and latched, except when operated with a control that must be kept engaged by the operator. Bale unloading is accomplished by upward ram motion, so a maintained-contact control is appropriate. The loading chamber door or gate cover the loading chamber before the ram can be activated and remain closed during the compression stroke. The ram stop or return to rest if the door or gate is opened more than 1/2 inch during the compression stroke. Every hydraulic scrap balers press meet following minimum performance requirements for the control of process:

Preparation for shutdown
The magnitude of energy, hazards and method to control the energy is clearly prescribed for different applications.

The baler are shutdown using orderly and established procedures.

Electrical circuit interrupters or similar devices are provided to isolate the baler from the energy source.

Lockout device application
Lockout devices are affixed to each energy isolating device to provide full protection.

Energy due to hydraulic pressure
There are necessary arrangements to relieve all potentially hazardous stored energy.

Verification of isolation
Prior to working on the baler, balers have arrangements for isolating the hazardous energy.

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