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Hydraulic Presses - Benefits

The benefits of hydraulic presses are:

Full Tonnage Throughout The Stroke
Unlike mechanical presses, hydraulic presses have the ability to deliver full pressing force anywhere in the range of stroke. Mechanical presses develop full force at bottom of stroke only.

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It is easy to design the hydraulic press to meet the customers' specific requirements such as large bed sizes with little tonnage or high tonnage for small work area.

In hydraulic press, users are able to adjust tonnage and maximize cycle time. More efficiency can be achieved by eliminating excessive ram movement or changing pressure or maintaining ram speeds.

Dedicated or Multi-Functional
The hydraulic presses can be designed to any level of sophistication right from the simple dedicated cell press or a fully integrated multi-purpose system. The flexibility can be further increased through additional stroke capability for reducing set-up time and easing die changes.

Lower Up Front Costs / Fast ROI
Hydraulic presses are the most simple in design with proven, readily available hydraulic components. Unlike mechanical presses where basic components are expensive and often custom built, hydraulic presses are much less expensive up-front in long term operation.

No Design Limitations
Hydraulic presses are designed for multitude operations such as up acting, down acting, side acting and multi action. The power systems are placed directly above or below as well as remote from the press.

Over-Pressure Protection
Hydraulic relief valves in hydraulic circuits provide built-in overload protection. The press force can't exceed the allowed pressure. Such attainable limiting controls maximum force.

Unlimited Control Options
Hydraulic presses are controlled through various ways from basic relays to sophisticated PLC control. Operator interfaces can be added to press systems to facilitate ease of job. Pressure holding, speed control and dynamic adjustments can be controlled. Ram force and speed can be controlled in any direction.

Part Accuracy
The control over forces and motions in hydraulic presses empowers them to provide greater overall quality of a manufactured part than many other types of presses.

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