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Hydraulic Press Brakes - How it works

Santec Press Brakes have three operational modes for operators' greater convenience and least fatigue, which can be selected from the panel door mounted selector switch. These operational modes are:

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Inch Cycle
This mode is used for setting bed angle depth stroke. The ram movement (up down) can be controlled at any described position from foot switches.

Auto Cycles
This cycle (Approach-Pressing-Return) is continuously repeated once this cycle is selected. This mode is useful for continuous repetitive work where stroke length can be adjusted to suit the job and the operators speed and rhythm.

Continuous Cycles
This mode is used where high production is suggested.

Working of Hydraulic Press Brake
Hydraulic presses are able to adjust the status of the upper cross-beams, but this provision is also referred to as top dead center. At the time of pressing the pedal or button two-handed control yoke begins movement down to a certain speed. This speed is usually higher than the speed of direct bending process, so that movement is happening to a certain point of switching speed and speed is called free fall. This is also a conditional term, because in reality, no drop traverses does not happen, because the hydraulic system through the regulation, the rate is fixed in a certain range.

Having reached the point of switching speeds, the system control shifts to a lower speed, called the working speed. In point of switching speeds are also synchronize the movement left and right hand cross, which compared the testimony with linear displacement sensors and signals are given for the required adjustment to the hardware management - servo to adjust the rate of delivery of oil in the working-cylinder machine. After a change of speeds, there is further movement traverses to the bottom dead center (as a rule, it is possible to adjust / programming), reaching the bottom dead center occurs extract under pressure.

This is the time required for distribution to the entire length of the workpiece, because this factor affects the quality of manufactured products. After the end of time, shutter speed, you need to release part of the effort. To this end, cross-arm rises up to the required size at a slower speed. This process is called decomp ression. After the end of decomp ression, yoke reaches the top dead center. The machine will come in motion after another pushing the pedal or button two-handed control.

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