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Hydraulic Cylinders / Jacks - Types

Santec is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic jacks. Using proven design engineering, the company produces technically advanced systems in least prices. The best part is, these hydraulic cylinders and jacks are tailored to the customers' specific requirements. These hydraulic systems can be made for virtually any industry with several options and additional features. However, the most popular types are:

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Hydraulic Cylinder
Primarily, there are two styles of hydraulic cylinder construction used in industry - welded body style cylinders and tie rod style cylinders. However, the other types also exist. Some of these are:

Tie Rod Cylinders
Tie rod style hydraulic cylinders are most often seen in industrial factory applications. This type uses high strength threaded steel rods to hold the two end caps to the cylinder barrel.

Welded Body Cylinders
Welded body cylinders have no tie rods and barrel is welded directly to the end caps. These cylinders allow the piston rod assembly and the rod seals to be removed for service.

Telescopic Cylinder
Telescopic cylinders are more expensive than usual. Mostly, these are single acting. However, double acting telescopic cylinders are specially designed.

Plunger Cylinder
Plunger cylinders are cylinder without a piston or with a piston without seals. They can be used as a pushing cylinder.

Differential Cylinder
Differential cylinder can be manufactured like a normal cylinder, and only a special control is added.

Hydraulic Jack
The different types of hydraulic jacks have:
  • Single-acting jacks
  • Single-acting flat jacks
  • Single-acting low height jacks
  • Single-acting load return jacks
  • Single-acting lock nut jacks
  • Single-acting hollow plunger jacks
  • Double-acting hollow plunger jacks
  • Single-acting aluminum jacks
  • Double-acting jacks

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