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8- Point Gib Guided Hydraulic Press


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Question 1 :- What are the major applications of these Presses?
Answer :- These Presses are used extensively for Production applications for which good slide & bed alignment is essential for accuracy. Their rigid Construction permits off-center loading

Operations in which these Presses are used are:-
  • Blanking
  • Punching
  • Forming
  • Deep Drawing
  • Mouldings
Question 2:- What Safety Standards are generally followed by SANTEC While designing Hydraulic Presses?
Answer :- All hydraulic Presses are designed as per following Safety Standards:-
  • ANSI standard B11.1
  • CE Standards for operator's Safety
Question 3:- What is the maximum Pressing Capacity of these Presses?
Answer :- These are available with single or two-point (Connections) Suspensions, having one or two cylinders, & may be single, double or triple acting. Force Capacities generally range from 50-5000 tons (0.4 to 44.5 MN) for conventional metal forming & blanking operations to 85,000 tons (756.5 MN) for not forging.

Question 4:- What is the lead time for these Presses?
Answer :- Delivery time for these Presses depends on Capacity & size of the press. Normal delivery time for 5 to 400 tons Capacity Presses is 2 to 4 months & for higher tonnage Presses delivery time is 6 months to 10 months.

Question 5:- What is warranty period for these Presses?
Answer :- Each 'santec' machine is having warranty for 12 months from the date of dispatch from our Premise

Question 6:- Custom – Built Presses Can also be manufactured by Santec?
Answer :- “Yes” Santec manufacture Custom – built Presses to as per customer's specifications & requirement. Special purpose machines are also manufactured by SANTEC..

Question 7:- Can Santec arrange CE – Certifications Prior to the dispatch of the equipment?
Answer :- Some of the machines are CE – Marked but Not all of them. In case European Customer need CE- certified Presses/ Equipment. Then Santec will arrange CE- Certified on Extra Cost basis for the equipments prior to the dispatch

Question 8:- How much time it takes to get CE – Certification?
Answer :- To get CE – Certified for the equipments, the Local agency takes 45 to 60 Days time is issue CE- Certificate.

Question 9:- Is CSA – approval is necessary for Electrical Control Panel of any machine entering to Canada?
Answer :- Yes, it is necessary & SANTEC has close links with Local CSA – Agency in India & Can be arranged on Extra Cost basis prior to the dispatch from CSA – Agency.

Question 10:- What are the Geometrical accuracies maintained in each SANTEC Hydraulic Presses?
Answer :- All machines are designed as per following standards:-
  • Accuracies:- As per JIS Standards, Grade I & II
  • Safety factors:- 20 to 30%
  • Raw material / M.S. Plates as per:- IS 60-62 Grade
  • Hydraulic Cylinders are made by Seamless tubes Confirming IS 2062-226 duly ultrasonically & X- Ray Passed.
  • Chilled Cost Ram Surface hardness is 500 to 550 BHN
  • Electrical Central Panel/ Electricals as per
    • BIS: 85 44 & Electrical Motors Confirm to
    • BIS 325 & IP 55 enclosure.
hydraulic press manufacturers, hydraulic forging press, hydraulic press india

hydraulic press manufacturers, hydraulic forging press, hydraulic press india
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