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Compression Moulding Presses - Our Range

Santec provides a wide range of compression moulding machines. The range includes following types of presses:

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Rubber Molding Presses
Rubber molding presses provide better solution to critical & precision rubber molding by easy & most convenient handling systems to get effective production.

Conveyor Belts Molding Presses
Conveyor belts molding presses have larger planten size with high pressing capacities. They can be designed as per customers' specifications up to 500 tons capacity using multiple cylinders.

Head Liner Molding Presses
This range includes head liner molding presses, roof lining molding presses, dash molding presses and hood molding presses. All these presses have fully automatic operations including vacuum gripper, pneumatic clamping and automatic heatings.

Solid Tyres Molding Presses
Solid tyres molding presses are supplied in 150 T, 200T, 300T, 500T & 600T capacity. These presses are heavy duty and can work 3 shift per day to produce all kind of solid tyres.

Rubber Mats Molding Presses
Rubber mats molding presses or neollite rubber sheet molding presses are suitable for large size molding presses with capacity up to 1600 tons.

Tyres & Tubes Molding Presses
Tyres & tubes molding presses are available in closed frame construction. These are robust in design with high degree of tyre centering accuracy, repeatability & durability.

Laboratory Compression Molding Presses
Laboratory compression molding presses are available in 15 tons and 30 tons capacity. These presses are highly suitable for laboratory applications.

Oil Seals Molding Presses
Oil seal moulding presses have vacuum, mould sliding, tilting & ejector arrangements. These presses are highly suitable to produce all kind of oil seals for automobile, compressors etc. Oil seal moulding presses offer reduced curing time with zero rejections.

Pre-Cured Tread Molding Press
Pre-cured tread moulding presses and hydraulic vulcanizing presses are offered in single and 'C' frame design. These presses are available in 300T, 400T, 500T, 600T & 800 tons capacity. The platen size can be up to 35 feet and number of daylights could be maximum of 6 numbers.

Rubber Flaps Molding Press
Rubber flap molding presses are supplied with 5 hydraulic cylinders. Ensuring quick mould opening, these presses are electrical push button operated.

Silicone Rubber Molding Press
Silicon rubber molding presses are fully automatic with PLC control for temperature and pressure. Provided with all safety features, paralleled platen accuracy is between 0.05 to 0.09 mm.

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