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Hydraulic Press Specification Form

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Material Type:
Material Type:
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Variable Tonnage required:
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Power availability: Volts/Phase/Hz:
Local or Integrated controls:
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Hydraulic Press Terminology

Advance Speed - speed of ram prior to pressing transition, which can be controlled by position via transducer or limit switch
Bed height – height from the floor to the top of the bed
Bed cushion – pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder to cushion part during forming or to act as ejector at end of cycle
Bed Size – may be expressed two different ways
- distance between columns
- bolster size
Bolster – the plate that is the working surface mounted on the base – may have threaded holes or t slots machined for clamping tooling
Bottom Stop – adjustable mechanical stop that limits travel of the ram
Daylight – distance between bolster and ram in the full upright position
Dwell - time ram maintained at a certain position
Heated/Cooled Platens – plates with accommodations for heating or cooling electrically or by liquid
Remote hydraulic pumping unit –hydraulic unit is placed away from the press
Pressing speed – speed of ram during pressing cycle, may have multiple steps of pressure or speed based on position
Return on pressure - cycle is finished and ram is returned once specified pressure is reached
Return on position - cycle is finished and ram is returned once a specified ram position is reached
Slow down position - transition point from advance speed to pressing speed. May be controlled via transducer or limit switch.
Stroke - the total amount of possible ram travel from full up to full down position
Shut Height - the distance from ram to bolster when ram is fully extended
Tonnage - maximum design pressure in tons that be exerted by the press
Variable Tonnage – controlling tonnage during pressing cycle

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