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Advantages of Santec Hydraulic Press

Santec India
Hydraulic presses offers a range of advantages over mechanical presses. They provide high performance and superior reliability in almost every application. To ensure flexibility, various levels of sophistication are available right from simple mechanical control to digital control. At Santec, engineers and research professionals consistently work to improve the products' technology to make them suitable for different types of applications. These improvements are applied to standardize the designs for better efficiency and rigidity. All these efforts ensure following advantages:

Heavy Duty Guide Bushings

Ram slide bushings are designed to be low maintenance, non-wearing components. There is no wear of the bushing surface, if ram is periodically lubricated. The bushings are designed to last the life of the press.

Service and Reliability

Every system is engineered using proven methods. Once engineered, they are subjected to rigorous testing. Regardless of the level of sophistication, each system undergoes an exhaustive review for continuous duty cycling, insuring hydraulic system integrity and performance at peak production rates.

Full Power Stroke

Unlike mechanical presses where full power is delivered only at the bottom, full pressing force can be delivered at any point in the stroke in hydraulic press. Full tonnage is achieved throughout the stroke. Other advantages include faster set-ups and no time consuming job of adjusting the stroke nut on the slide to accommodate different dies.

Built-in Overload Protection

A 100-ton hydraulic press exerts only 100 tons pressure. Therefore, no need to worry about overloading or breaking the press or smashing a die. When hydraulic press reaches its set pressure, that's all the pressure there is. The relief valve opens at that limit and there is no danger of overload.

Low Operating Costs

Hydraulic presses provides dual benefits of low operating costs and low initial costs. The significant cost advantages is because of few moving parts. Breakdowns are very rare and if occur, they are usually minor. Typical maintenance include replacements of packing, solenoid coils and occasionally valves.

Larger Capacities

Stroke lengths of 12, 18, and 24 inches are common, however extra stroke length is easy to provide. Open gap can also be added without much additional cost. In addition to this, large table areas and small presses with big bed areas can also be provided. Tonnage of the press is not indicative of bed size. Large 200-ton presses with relatively small beds are available.

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